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Club FAQs

There is a global network of Official Tesla Owners Clubs, each of which are sanctioned by Tesla, who provides oversight of the Club Program.  There are 150+ official clubs and new clubs are constantly being formed all around the world.  The best way to keep up to date on the official clubs is to visit the Global Owners Club Directory at:

Membership in official Tesla Owner's clubs is limited by the Global Tesla Owner's club program to owners of Tesla products with a valid serial number or VIN, or those who hold current reservations.

Washington is the area we are based out of and where most meetups will occur, but anyone who is a Tesla owner or reservation holder is welcome to join.  If you already belong to one of the other official clubs but are interested in our club as well, send us an email and let's talk.

Benefits include:

  • Tesla Owners/Enthusiasts periodically meet for socializing or events
  • Access to member only events in any chapter
  • A Tesla Owners Washington window cling
  • A one-time-use 20% discount code for Tesla apparel at
  • Discounts for club merchandise at the Sport and Plaid Membership Levels
  • Access to the member directory*

*Member directory contains all registered members with the ability to send messages to individual members through their directory entry.   Member contact info (email and phone) is not exposed to other members in the directory to protect privacy.  Members may change this setting and share their email and/or phone or other information if they choose.

We ask for your VIN or your RN and your Referral Code as part of your membership application in order to verify your eligibility to join the club with Tesla.  VINs are kept safe and private.

Events are a great way to meet other owners and enthusiasts.  Most events are basic meetups which involve gathering at a set location to meet other members, owners, and enthusiasts and talk about our cars, share information and stories, and sometimes have a meal or drink.  We host new owner events where our more experienced owners make themselves available to answer questions from new owners and teach them about their cars.  We also host food, clothing, or toy drives to support local charities, and have a variety of group tours and tastings.  Anyone is welcome to come to our public meetups and we encourage non-owners to come discover the benefits of Tesla and electric transport.  We also have private events for members and their guests that are not open to the public.

We are a non-profit corporation and abide by all state and federal laws which limit our sources of income and how that income can be spent.  Dues cover the operational expenses of the corporation and pay for items such as window clings, member badges, permits for events, the member management system, liability insurance, club assets (canopies, tables, chairs, banners, etc.) and club merchandise for members at subsidized prices.  Event fees cover the cost of the events.

You will get several email reminders to renew membership when the time is near, should you let it lapse for whatever reason, your account will be switched from a "Member" account to an "Inactive" account and your access will be disabled. You can always renew and re-activate your old account to start another year as a full "Member" account.

Members are expected to be respectful to others and to all property.  This includes being respectful to members and non-members, club property, personal property.  All events are optional and you attend at your own risk.  We take safety precautions to ensure the safety of everyone, but you are personally responsible for your own person and property.  With respect to your vehicle, TOWA will never ask, nor authorize anyone else to interact with your vehicle in any way.  You're free to make your own decisions regarding interaction with your vehicle.  TOWA, (and its chapters,) as an organization, does not sponsor or provide test rides or test drives at our events.  Any owner choosing to provide a test ride or test drive is doing so as an individual, separate from the TOWA organization.  We do reserve the right to remove anyone from the club who, after a warning, doesn't follow club rules.

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